1. Skip It
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Birthday BBQ, lazing by the pool
Time to flip over, when my girls all were
flipping over you

How’d you make me laugh so hard like that
How’d you come on so smooth
Look at that I cant get past, those baby blues

You take my spitfire tongue
And you trip it
Leave me wanting more
Of your kisses
Better tell your boys you’re gonna be a minute
If you want a true heart, come get it
Got a get away car, lets hit it
If you got another place to be
Skip it

Verse 2
The party’s winding down
The full moon’s shining now
I should get home, you should get going, we should stop making out

Didn’t need a lot of small talk for my world to turn upside down
When you lean in, listening, boy you make me smile

Chorus repeat

Like a record like a stone
Homeroom jump rope
It’s what you do to me
What you do to my heartbeat

Chorus Repeat