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Crazy Without You

Madison grew up listening to her dad's bands at festivals, fairs and countless late night rehearsals in the basement.  She was twelve when she went to her first Taylor Swift Concert.  The very next day she woke up and started learning to play the guitar with her dad.  Eight weeks later she had her first solo public gig.  She soon started taking lessons from an amazingly talented singer songwriter named Keith Pulvermacher.  Madison's goal was to learn more about how to play the guitar and become a singer songwriter.  Her first CD 'Crazy Without You' is just the start of the collection of the songs she is writing on her journey. 

Where is the next show?

Madison & Keith on WTMJ's The Morning Blend

Madison and Keith Pulvermacher had great time on the WTMJ4 morning show 'The Morning Blend'! 

Huge THANK YOU to The Morning Blend hosts Molly and Tiffany for helping us spread the word about 'Want To' being a finalist in the 2016 NSAI Song Contest.  The producers, assistants and sound engineers made it very fun and it was such an amazing experience!

Check out the interview and performance here!

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Madison and Keith on 'Tap Milwaukee'

Thank you Piet Levy at JS Online for the great article in Tap Milwaukee.  We had an awesome time hanging in the studio with you!!

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Thank You for your vote!

We were very honored to have been selected into the top 10 out of over 2400 songs in the 2016 NSAI Song Contest hosted by CMT!

The writers include:  Jeff Hodge, Madison Olson, Keith Pulvermacher and Rob Olson. 

Our song "Want To" was runner up and the winner was Blaine Younger.  We had the change to meet him at the 2016 NSAI Spring Training conference.  Great guy and a great song.  Congratulations Blaine!